Ways to increase your linked in engagement.

Ways to increase your linked in engagement.

1. Write And Post Consistently

Be consistent with posting. In order to engage followers on any platform, you must have an active presence and post regularly. Your posts should share the work you do and serve as information for your followers. In addition to sharing your own work, show your knowledge and expertise by engaging with others.

2. Become A Value-Add

On LinkedIn,provide value by sharing actionable, practical and insightful content. And  make sure you treat everyone in your network how you would like to be treated by responding promptly to comments, feedback and questions.

3. Be Educational.

Make most of your posts educational, promote other people and organizations and tag them. Give interesting facts and figures.

4. Ask Questions In Your Posts

People are more likely to engage if they can answer a question. Invite people who target your customers, but with different products and services.

5. Optimize Your Business Page

Optimize your business page on LinkedIn by aligning your content with your customer profile and segmentation. The updates you make to imagery, content, buttons and links will provide various ways for your followers to better engage with your brand

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