Start Benefiting From Digital Marketing, Ignorance Could Be Disastrous

Start Benefiting From Digital Marketing, Ignorance Could Be Disastrous

Corporate companies cutting across domains and geographies are integrating Digital Marketing Services in their business strategy fully knowing their importance in this age of ruthless market competition. Yet many companies are adamant about using traditional methods to scale their business.  You may call it a regressive mindset or failure to see the truth.

This blog is going to be an eye-opener for such people. As the title of this blog suggests, ignoring digital marketing could prove out to be a suicidal step for your business. As an entrepreneur, your vision is to accomplish your long-cherished dreams. Digital is a blessing in disguise for the business world. Irrespective of size and geography, companies can leverage the new age hacks and tools to scale their business. Hiring the Best Digital Marketing In New York could be a game-changer for your business!

Conventional Methods Are No More Relevant

Yes, that’s absolutely correct. Conventional methods are losing their shine and credibility. Newspaper ads, radio advertising, hoardings, etc. are no more trusted. The marketing scenario has gone for a sweeping change. Technology is redefining it!

Astonishing Statistics of Best Digital Marketing in New York

  • Global B2C e-commerce sales are growing exponentially, it’s expected to cross $4.5 trillion by 2021
  • Research shows that an individual spends close to 142 minutes per day
  • About 70% of satisfied consumers recommend products/services to others
  • Close to 2 million businesses capitalize on Facebook advertising to scale their business
  • About 60% of smartphone users connect with  a business directly using the search engine results
  • About 51% of shoppers think that they trust Google search engine to research about purchase online
  •  SEO helps to generate 1000%+ more traffic in comparison to organic social media platforms
  • There are about 3.2 billion social media users every day

So, what’s your first reaction looking at these astonishing statistics about Digital Marketing! Only an ignorant dare to push these remarkable statistics under the carpet.

To further comprehend the significance of digital marketing in this competition-driven age, here are the top benefits of digital marketing:

Appealing and Convincing

The new age innovation-driven social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and many more allow companies to connect with their potential audience. These channels engage the audience and empower companies to streamline digital marketing strategy as and when required. As a businessman, this luxury isn’t possible through conventional marketing.

Digital Marketing Is Affordable

Digital marketing is affordable in the sense that it can be implemented by companies of any size, from anywhere, be it a startup or a giant MNC. Can you imagine the expenses incurred through conventional methods? How many small-size companies can afford to install a hoarding on a roundabout to garner attention from potential customers? It’s beyond imagination. However, through digital marketing, it’s very much possible. Best Digital Marketing In New York has been facilitating companies galore in fulfilling their digital marketing requirements.

Extensive Reach

Digital marketing empowers companies to achieve widespread reach. As an owner of an entity, you can plan your digital marketing strategy as per the requirements of your company. For example, if you want your ad to be seen only in a specific area by a set of people of a certain age group, it’s very much possible. Conventional methods may not allow you to administer such strategies.

Measure Your Marketing Efforts Yes, you heard it right. It’s very much possible to measure and keep a tab on Digital Marketing Efforts. Timely intervention empowers you to make amendments to the strategy. Continued evaluation and analysis of strategy allow you to control the budget and streamline marketing.

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