How blogging can be fun:

How blogging can be fun:
  1. Select a blog topic that you love and want to write about.  You have to cater to the people around you. So choose a topic that is trending, which will be easier for you to tap on people.
  2. Make it as much interactive as possible. People love it when while reading the blog posts they feel that they are the ones writing it.
  3. Never give a statement on any topics related to politics/media. Be neutral and let the audience comment and understand their view points.
  4. Give an interesting title to the blog, and make the creative for the blog colorful and bright so that it is eye catching.
  5. Blogging helps you grow and prosper as an individual as you learn about topics you never thought you would.
  6. Make 2-3 people read it before you upload it.
  7. Keep exploring. Keep learning. Keep it simple.

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