Do you know anything about subscription in travel?

Do you know anything about subscription in travel?

Megatrends suggested that subscription based marketing for travelling will rule over the next decades because it will create a long lasting relationship with the customers.

Inspirato, came up with this idea when they allowed customers to book unlimited stays in the company’s high end vacation homes and book experiences such as cruises for a monthly fee of $2500.

Let’s see how users will be benefited. People who travel often will consider this to be a boom and will take the subscription as it will cost much lesser. Also, they will be able to travel much more and stay in different locations without paying that extra premium cost.

This trend has been a talk amongst many and will be encouraged by users to pursue it.

This brings us to a strong point of discussion as to ow digital trends are upcoming and needs to be constantly revised and monitored upto the latest trend.

In order to survive in this ever growing market, you must adapt yourself to the industry trends and see how you succeed.

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