Business Strategic Consulting

Growth Strategy

Growth hacking is an approach to expanding your business through very data-driven and structured marketing. In the end, it is all about knowing what your current bottlenecks are and how to remove them systematically. It sounds simple but keeping things simple is most often very challenging.

Our standard growth strategy process:

1. Establishing the One Metric That Matters

2. Analyze your customer journey

3. Identify the focus area

4. Start experimenting

5. Continuous test loops

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Market Research

Market research is a very important step in a business strategy. It provides important information about: the consumers (needs and preferences), the market size, and the competition. This data is crucial to help solve the marketing challenges a business will face.

Types of market research:

1. Product Market Fit

2. Customer Desire Map

3. Competitive Analysis

4. User Testing

5. Customer Journey

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Marketing Channels

We offer you a comprehensive approach to your marketing channels. This means we can assist you not only in the execution of your marketing activities but the strategic part as well.

See the marketing channels we can assist you with:

1. Conversion rate optimisation

2. Search engine optimisation

3. Search engine advertising

4. Display advertising

5. Social advertising

6. Content marketing

7. Email marketing

8. Marketing automation

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Corporate Startup

This is how we can help you

(A) Our advices:

1. We start with a strategy session to estimate what your current situation is.

2. We guide you towards achievable goals and realistic benchmarks.

3. We help you validate your value proposition or advice you towards another direction, we listen to Your Market.

(B) Our collaborations:

1. We are working as one on your projects, with a mix of your and our team members.

2. No more time lost in briefings and project transfers. Our team members have expertise in multiple fields, we will be the swiss knives to do everything you would like to achieve.

3. We get you to witness the project’s evolution yourself.

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SAAS Growth Hacking​

Growth Hacking a SAAS company is all about:

1. Building a relationship with your audience through credible and strong content.

2. Understanding what converts leads into trials.

3. Automating your lead flow.

4. Which customers churn and how to reduce this.

Growth hacking and SAAS are a perfect match for SAAS as it is critical for SAAS to understand and track your customers as well as look at the whole funnel to be successful in the current market.

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Value Proposition Design

With so much riding on your successful delivery of the product, how do you reduce the risk? That is where testing and validating a strong value proposition comes in.

Our approach:

1. Get out there for you and talk to real customers.

2. Define your value proposition per target audience.

3. Validate your value proposition.

4. Get your first traction.

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